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Andrea Gardner, an Associate with Avison Young’s Houston office, specializes in industrial and land transactions. As a member of the Mason-Lindenberger team, Andrea actively manages industrial portfolios by implementing strategies for reducing facility operating costs, and is involved in all acquisition and disposition transaction. Andrea’s procedure for reviewing and analyzing facility operating expenses, such as reconciliations, utility costs, and maintenance items, has resulted in saving clients up to $350k in one year.

Prior to joining Avison Young in 2012, Andrea was with Mason Partners. Andrea’s tenure includes managing the corporate real estate department for a Fortune 500 company with a portfolio that consisted of 130 properties containing over 12 million square feet.

MLB Capital Partners
MLB Capital Partners is a commercial real estate investment company focused on niche investments. Todd Mason, Jeff Lindenberger and Fred Baca use their combined 80 years of real estate experience to discover and add value to commercial properties. The target deal size is “under the radar” of institutional investors, but too large for individual buyers.

MLB Capital Partners’ overall focus is on long-term results, while also insisting on consistent cash on cash returns for investors. It is not a question of long term versus short term, but rather a balance of constant returns combined with an appreciation of the asset over time. This is achieved through diligent investments that are responsibly developed and managed to their full potential. The investment philosophy is driven by quality, not quantity.