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This Houston Farmers Market Restaurant Rejects Texas Misconceptions, Tells the Real Story Through Food — Your First Taste Review of Wild Oats

There’s Texas history, the sort young students enrolled in public schools in the state are required to study during fourth and seventh grades. Then there are the delicious tales of the Lone Star State’s storied history by way of the plate that Houston chef Nick Fine finds particularly fascinating. (And frankly, we do too.) The San Antonio native is the chef/partner of Wild Oats, a still relatively new Houston restaurant in the Houston Farmers Market that attempts to put to rest the misnomers of Texas cuisine.

“Wild Oats is about rejecting those misconceptions and showcasing the underbelly of our state — the ingredients, people and cultures who make it one of the most diverse in the nation,” Fine says. “My hope is that Wild Oats highlights Texas cuisine from Gulf Coast shrimp all the way to the quail found in the Panhandle and everything in between.”

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